Program & DJs

The venue

All milongas are held in Brommasalen, with an excellent parquet floor, at Alvik Medborgarhus (address: Gustavslundsvägen 168) near the city center, and next to Metro Alvik on the green line. MAP

Milonga La Primera

Friday August 25 14h00 - 18h 00

DJ Ivica Anteski (Macedonia)

Milongas & DJs 2017

Milonga de Bienvenida

Friday August 25 21h 00 - 03h 00

DJ Michela Indaco (Italy)


Milonguita de la Tarde

Saturday August 26 14h 00 - 18h 00

DJ Mathias Denk (Sweden)

Milonga Grande

Saturday August 26 21h 00 - 03h 00

DJ Tina Ferrari (Italy)

Milonga de Despedida

Sunday August 27 16h 00 - 22h 00

DJ Christine y Torsten TJ-Duo


Ivica, regular DJ and organizer of milongas in Skopje and an internationally engaged DJ, follows the principle that playing music is like dancing on the dance floor with all the dancers at the same time. Always following as much as possible the sensibility of the milongas in Buenos Aires, his music sticks to tradition, balancing between rhythm and melody.


Besides organizing milongas in Skopje, he is owner and instructor of the school Tango milonguero Skopje. He also organized workshops in Serbia and Greece. Ivica is founder of Tango Mentor

Michela, an Italian dancer and tango DJ, prefers the Golden Age of Tango, but also loves the 30s and 20s that she puts into her playlist in a smart way. She started DJ:ing in young age.


Polished and emotional, she is still evolving and refining her DJ skill, and has played in some of the most famous (and notorious) Italian Milongas and Encuentros, and last year's edition of Stockolm in a Close Embrace.

Mathias started DJ:ing about ten years ago, and has ever since been playing regularly in Sweden and at encuentros in Europe. He prefers the milonguero style and plays music from the Golden Age.


Mathias plays traditional and his music is lively, powerful and "bien bailable". To see the dancers enjoying their tango in a nice "ronda", as in the milongas down town Buenos Aires, makes him happy. He is also one of the organizers of Stockholm in a Close Embrace.

The music inspired Tina to start dancing tango in 2003, and when she’s not on the dance floor, you can find her at the DJ’s console, with her selections of music from the Golden Age.


She is co-organizer of the encuentro milonguero M.M. Elite, Bologna, and Romance del Lago in Slovenia, the country where she currently lives.

We are crazy about dancing – and it shows in the way we work as a DJ-team.


We simply love to combine the variety of music, the power and the dynamics of the "golden" orchestras, thus creating an inspiring contrast so uplifting, we dancers just can’t stop dancing.

You will get...

  • Five traditional milongas with pure social tango milonguero
  • Only the best tango music selected by our premium DJs
  • Balanced number of men and women
  • Amicable ambience
  • La buena Ronda
  • Milonga codes and invitation by mirada & cabeceo
  • Separated seating (Men, Women, Couples/ Groups)


Stockholm in a Close Embrace 6th edition

27 -29 July 2018

Encuentro Milonguero