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Five milongas, 26 hours of  pure social Tango Milonguero. Music selected by excellent DJs. Dance codes. Balanced number of men and women.  Invitation by mirada & cabeceo with separated seating for men, women, and couples/groups. Comfortable dance saloon with parquet  floor.   


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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is generally referred to as Beauty on Water, or Venice of the North which is understandable, as the city is built upon 14 islands. It is surrounded by Lake Mälaren, and by the Baltic Sea. The mixture of old and new, greenery and water, picturesque narrow streets and engaging modern broad ones provides an attractiveness you rarely meet elsewhere. By steamboat you can take trips out into the archipelago with its characteristic and amazing nature.



We are proud to invite you to the seventh edition of Stockholm in a Close Embrace. 


The concept of our encuentro is simple: to create an amicable ambiance amongst people who share the same tango philosophy.  Milonguero friends from all over Europe will join us for three days to share tango in a close embrace at the world’s most Northern Encuentro Milonguero  - Stockholm in a Close Embrace!

Milonga is not just a dance floor . Milonga is like a temple.

“Milonga is not just a dance floor. Milonga is like a temple. You ought to know and respect the rituals of the milonga because a collective created it. It is not a rigid set of rules, but you have to agree to listen and pay attention to those who already have spent their whole lives there. Over time you will see that it all makes perfect sense, but you are not going to understand it right away. To understand it you must think as a dancer. To be able to think as a dancer you need to become a dancer first, and that takes a lot of time.”

Marcelo Hector Solis

The codes are there for you to fully enjoy the milonga


We dance with a warm, respectful and close embrace.

We follow the line of the dance, in a counter-clockwise direction. On the dance floor lanes are formed naturally. We do not change lanes if  we are  not sur enot  to annoy someone who comes behind.

We try not to step backwards into the line of dance, always walking forwards. 

We maintain a fluid speed with the rest, and leave some space for the couple behind, to allow them the space and make steps correctly as turning.

We do not lift our feet too much from the floor, this way we avoid hitting other dancers.

We invite to dance through the classic "mirada y cabeceo".  The cabeceo sets us free, and allows us to choose each other.

 If we, by mistake,  bump into someone, we apologize.

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You will get...

  • Five traditional milongas with pure social tango milonguero
  • Only the best tango music selected by our premium DJs
  • Balanced number of men and women
  • Amicable ambience
  • La buena Ronda
  • Milonga codes and invitation by mirada & cabeceo
  • Separated seating (Men, Women, Couples/ Groups)

Stockholm in a Close Embrace 7th edition

26 -28 July 2019

Encuentro Milonguero